Christian Logue is one of the most controversial figures in the history of heavy metal. 
While he is universally regarded as one of the creators of the speed metal genre with the seminal records The Dominatress, Master Of Disguise and After The Fall From Grace helping to establish a bold new expression of heavy metal music, he has remained an enigmatic and perplexing person. 
From the highly provocative album covers to the many changes in the Savage Grace line up so many questions have arisen over the years as Savage Grace’s music has become more appreciated; withstanding the test of time. 
Mr. Logue has finally decided to answer the lingering questions and set the record straight in his seven hundred page Magnum Opus. Savage Grace Diary chronicles Mr. Logue's quixotic journey of exploration and realization from the very inception of Savage Grace through every twist, turn, victory, defeat, betrayal and rebound. 
This is not a book for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or those void of faith in the universal truth of the power of persistence. This is reading for men of honor and conviction. 
Logue pulls no punches and leaves no holes unfilled as the Savage Grace unholy crusade scorches across two continents and six countries on a sacred quest to spread the gospel of true metal. 
They lived like pirates or soldiers of fortune; living off the land and any booty they could beg, borrow or steal. 
Yes, lives were lost, homes destroyed, promises broken, fortunes squandered and holy hell raised and raised again.
Logue never wavered as he led his men through one calamity after another only to become stronger and to rise again for the next battles. 
Against all odds he persisted, driven on only by the hidden hands of destiny. 
Some called him a visionary, some called him a Saint and some called him Satan incarnate.
It will be up to the reader to decide.

WARNING: This book contains adult language and situations and is NOT recommended by the FDA, AMA or the ADA.




"Pure Bollocks... No one gets that much fanny....."

Nigel Reed-Smith,  NME

"Ramblings of a drunken narcissist with infantile fixations....."

Rex Wayne,  Edge Magazine

"A despicable man and sex pest reminiscing from an alcohol soaked semi vegetative state......."

Bob Alcott, Rolling Stone

All these critics can't be wrong.

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"I never liked Savage Grace anyway. I prefer sexy good looking young blokes with nice bums......"

Peter Bumley, Kerrang

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