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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL SITE OF legendary Los angeles speed metal pioneers SAVAGE GRACE! 

  • SAVAGE GRACE HAS BEEN REACTIVATED AND WILL BE touring South america in the fall of 2020!
  • europe and USA tours are also in the planning stages.
  • Christian logue will return to his original position of lead guitarist. the rest of the lineup will be announced soon!
  • Interested promoters, booking agents, Record Labels and press can contact us at info@savagegracemetal.com
  • we are pleased to announce the addition of lead guitarist kiko shred to the savage grace lineup.
  • https://www.rflrecords.com/kikoshredepk
  • 1985Savage Grace was founded in 1981 by Christian Logue. The first official line up was Dwight Cliff-Vocals, Brian East-Bass, Dan Finch-Drums and Christian Logue-Guitars. Savage Grace performed several live shows with this lineup and recorded several demos. One track from these early demos, Scepters Of Deceit was featured on the Metal Massacre 2 compilation album. 
    In 1983, John Birk replaced Dwight Cliff on vocals and Kenny Powell was added as a second lead guitarist. This line up recorded The Dominatress E.P., released on Metal Blade Records. This version of the group played live shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco thru 1983.
    1984 saw new vocalist Michael Smith join the band and Kenny Powell depart to form Omen. Former Witchkiller guitarist Kurt Phillips replaced Powell for several months. This incarnation of the group played several live gigs in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
    While recording Master Of Disguise, Kurt Phillips was sacked. Christian Logue cut all the guitars on the recording.
    After the completion of recording Master Of Disguise, Mark Chase Marshall, formerly of Agent Steel was brought on board as second lead guitarist. Shortly before the first Savage Grace tour of Europe, which included a slot on the Metal Hammer Festival in September 1985, Michael Smith left the band. Christian Logue became the  vocalist and sang on all the European dates.
    In late 1985, Dan Finch left the group. He was replaced in early 1986 by Marc Marcum. Marcum, Logue, Marshall and East recorded After The Fall from Grace in the spring of 1986.
    Savage Grace did a European tour with Heir Apparent in June 1986.
    Upon returning to the states, Brian East left the group. He was replaced by former Heir Apparent bassist Derek Peace. This ensemble recorded the Ride Into The Night E.P. in early 1987. 
    In April 1987, Savage Grace supported Motorhead on twenty dates across the U.S.
    Derek Peace left the group in the summer of 1987. 
    The band went thru several bass players from 1987-1988. Marc Marcum left the band in 1988. 
    In 1989, Marshall Lee Dickerson was brought in on drums.
    In December of 1989 the band relocated to New York after signing with a management company. Mark Marshall chose to stay in Los Angeles.
    Mike Branning joined the band on bass in December 1989.
    Several guitarists filled in with the band in New York and on tour dates throughout the U.S.
    Savage Grace recorded ten demo tracks while in New York.
    The band left New York to head back to L.A. in April 1992. The band played a handful of dates in L.A and was officially deactivated in September 1992.
    Savage Grace reformed with Christian Logue and members of the German band Roxxcalibur to play at the Keep It True Festival in April 2010, The band played a number of club and festival dates in Europe, most of them with Omen. Christian Logue’s book about his life in Savage Grace titled Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary is now available on this site.


    bookfrontcoverChristian Logue finally sets the record straight in his 700 page no holes barred piss and tell confessional.
    All the questions are answered:
    Why did Mike Smith leave the band?
    Why all the line up changes?
    Who REALLY wrote the songs?
    What was it like ON THE ROAD?
    What are GROUPIES REALLY like?
    Did women destroy the band?
    Did the labels fuck the band?
    Did drugs destroy the band?
    Everything you wanted to know about Savage Grace and Christian Logue and a lot of things you probably didn't want to know are here;
    What is Road Meat?
    What is Drunkenomics?
    Is Christian Logue a musical genius and metal trailblazer or just a debauched lunatic?
    What drove him to excess, degeneracy and megalomania?
    How does a band live like major Rock Stars with no money and no record deal?
    This IS NOT a novel. THIS IS REALITY!  WARNING: This book contains adult language and situations.      Read More

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